Manhar China

Real Estate

Manhar China’s real estate arm is involved in real estate development and industrial real estate establishments and operations. We have a number of commercial land over hundreds of thousand square meters in Shenzhen, such as a commercial real estate known as ‘Manhar Digital Plaza’ and its surrounding estates in Fu Tian District, an industrial logistics park in Nan Shan District, an industrial park in Long Gang District. We also own or hold a majority shares in several real estate projects in other cities such as Guangzhou, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Hainan and Xi’an – just name a few: Zhuhai Nanfang Software Park, Zhuhai World Electronic, (Huizhou) World Cultural Industry Base, and Xi’an Manhattan. We have a significant number of development reserve land, some of which are in the process of being planned for large scale projects.

Zhuhai Nanfang Software Park

One of the eleven State Software Industry Base in China. Total area 260,000 square meters, consisting office area 150,000 square meters and residential area 110,000 square meters, providing space for software research and development, offices, training, meetings and apartments accommodation, meeting the needs of businesses, living and leisure.

China World Cultural Industry Base

Situated in Daya Bay, Huizhou. Total area 8.9 square kilo meters. Estimated total capital expenditure RMB 12 billion. Preliminary phase started in August 2009. Projected annual revenue after phase one is RMB 1 billion, annual profit RMB 0.3 billion and tens and thousands of employability increase.

Shenzhen Manhar Digital Plaza

Sitting in Hua Qiang North, the prime commercial location in Shenzhen, total area over 100,000 square meters, 5000+ brands, providing space for electronic and digital products and ancillary products/services wholesale and retail, e-commerce, leisure, restaurants and offices.